Top 12 Attractions in Bangkok with Discount Price

Bangkok as one of popular tourist destinations, offer many attractive place for you, family and your kids. In Bangkok, you can visit popular Wax Museum “Madame Tussauds”, the largest aquarium in South East Asia “Sea Life Ocean World”, Watch Thailand Culture and History Show “Siam Niramit”, Romantic Dinner on the top Chao Phraya River and many mores activities in Bangkok, check it out! :wow:

If you plan to travel to Pattaya with your family and need some attraction place information in Pattaya with Family and Kids and of course discount price information, please visit this link below :

Top 20 Pattaya Attractions for Family with Discount Price

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Patung Soekarno di Madame Tussauds Bangkok

Indonesia’s First President, Soekarno

Ticket Price Madame Tussauds Bangkok : 990 THB ( On The Spot Exclude Ice Age 4D Movie ) 600 THB ( Online Include Ice Age 4D Movie via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

How to get to Madame Tussauds Bangkok : The museum is located on the 6th floor of Siam Discovery in the heart of Siam shopping district, one of Bangkok most vibrant shopping districts, and is easily accessible by private transport, the BTS Skytrain (Siam Station), public bus and taxi. Also nearby are Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Square.

Opening Hours : 10:00 – 21:00 hrs (the last customers are allowed in at 19:50 hrs: The counter closes at 20:00 hrs).

Here ‘s your chance to brush shoulders with your favourite Hollywood stars, local celebrities, sports heroes and heroines, even heads of state. Madame Tussauds has opened its 10th attraction in Bangkok, with a revolutionary concept – the wax museum with exhibits you can touch, hug, play with and even kiss.

Pose with the U.S. President and the First Lady in the Oval Office, play basketball with the NBA star Yao Ming, or give Leonardo Di Caprio an air-kiss (or real kiss). Waltz down the red carpet and join the party of the Hollywood A-List, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie, to name just a few. A day out at Madame Tussauds wax museum is unlike another other you have experienced before.

( BONUS ICE AGE 4D MOVIE ) ONLY if you buy online ticket

The 9-minute short film is a new time traveling adventure of Scrat, the sabre-toothed squirrel who always struggles to hold onto a treasured acorn.

In the 4D cinema, audiences will have a great time after being splashed, sprayed and shaken in their seats. With ‘snowflakes’ floating down in the theater, an atmosphere of the ice age is created.

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Sea Life Ocean World Bangkok

Sea Life Ocean World Bangkok

Ticket Price Sea Life Ocean World Bangkok : 990 THB ( On The Spot ) 600 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

Ticket Price Combo ( Sea Life Ocean World + Madame Tussauds + Ice Age 4D ) : 1.980 THB ( On The Spot ) 950 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

How to get to Sea Life World Bangkok : 5 -10 minute walk from the Siam Square area, Central World or MBK Shopping Center. Enter Siam Paragon via the food court and find SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World on level B1.

Opening Hours : 10:00 – 21:00 hrs (the last customers are allowed in at 19:50 hrs: The counter closes at 20:00

Show times for 4D Cinema : Every half hour from: 12:00-20:00

Two storeys underneath the glitzy Siam Paragon shopping mall, an aquatic wonderland the size of three Olympic swimming pools awaits your discovery at the Siam Ocean World. This underground aquarium, one of the largest in Southeast Asia, will dazzle you with innovative world-class exhibits and over 30,000 curious looking creatures from various depths and aquatic regions across the globe.

Meet some of the world’s record holders, transported all the way from the Amazon River or the Jurassic period when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. Greet the ocean’s deadliest predators in the 270-degree underwater tunnel, sneak a peek into the open ocean from a glass-bottom boat, or, if you really can’t resist, dive in and have a swim amongst the sharks and rays. For kids, a few hours spent at the Siam Ocean World will be as educational as it is exhilarating and memorable.


Come take an exciting ride on our Ocean Feeding Boat. Get up close and personal with sharks, stingrays and a great variety of fish as you are entertained by an insightful introduction by SEA LIFE staff who also feed the fish by hand. Don’t miss out on these exciting experiences you can share with your friends and family!


  1. Otter Feeding : Fall in love with small-clawed otters and their cute antics. They are a fan favourite among children! / Showtimes 11:00 and 15:00
  2. Jackass Penguin Feeding : Take a look at how adorable and engaging these little Jackass penguins can be as they delight in their daily meals. / Showtimes 11:30 and 15:30
  3. Fresh Water Fish Feeding : Don’t look away for even a moment — you’ll miss out on watching our freshwater royalty dart in ferociously and take their share of food! / Showtimes 12:00 and 16:00
  4. Diver’s Communication : You will be impressed as you watch divers submerge themselves in an 8-metre tank to feed the sea life, a one-of-a-kind display in South East Asia. / Showtimes 12:00, 14:00 and 15:00
  5. Gentoo Penguin Feeding : Tramp on the ice and swim before lunch. / Showtimes 12:30 and 16:30
  6. Shark Feeding Show : Witness the excitement of the shark feeding show, as well-trained shark handlers keep you mesmerized during 15 minutes of frenzied feeding! / Showtimes 13:00 and 16:00
  7. Eagle Ray Feeding : Admire the beauty of Eagle Ray’s fluid movements as they are fed. Learn about their eating habits as you watch them glide and play. / Showtimes 13:30 and 16:30

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How to go to LINE Village Bangkok

How to go to LINE Village Bangkok

LINE Village Bangkok

LINE Village Bangkok

Brown Character @LINE Village Bangkok

Brown Character @LINE Village Bangkok

Ticket Price LINE Village Bangkok : 1.000 Baht ( On The Spot ) 900 Baht ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – Klik Di Sini )

Ticket Price Combo ( Madame Tussauds + LINE Village Bangkok ) : 1.369 Baht ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – Klik Di Sini )

Ticket Price Combo ( Sea Life + LINE Village Bangkok ) : 1.320 Baht ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – Klik Di Sini )

For those of you who like cute and cute LINE characters like Brown, Cony, James, then you must come to visit LINE Village Bangkok! This is a very suitable place for you! This place just has been opened in June 2018, so it’s still very new. Here you can have selfies and funny photos with LINE characters, in addition there are LINE Store.

The location of LINE Village Bangkok itself is on the 1st floor of SIAM Square, you can access this place by using BTS transportation to Siam Exit Station BTS 4. Make sure you buy online tickets to get more cheaper price and of course don’t forget bring your own camera with full battery and memory space :evilsmirk:

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Art in Paradise Bangkok

Art in Paradise Bangkok

Ticket Price Art in Paradise Bangkok : 300 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

How to get to Art in Paradise Bangkok : fourth floor of the Esplanade Shopping Mall. The Esplanade Shopping Mall is located on Ratchadaphisek Road near MRT Thailand Cultural Center.

Opening Hours : 10:00 – 22:00 hrs

Following the resounding success of its first two branches in Pattaya and Chiang Mai, the three-dimensional art museum Art in Paradise officially opened in Bangkok in February on the fourth floor of the Esplanade Shopping Mall. Created by 13 Korean artists, the art exhibited at the museum is presented in a 3D format, allowing viewers to complete the various dramatic scenarios by posing for photos with the artworks. There are also another 150 images you can play with, through computer software that responds to your movements

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Dinosaur Planet Bangkok

Dinosaur Planet Bangkok

Official Website : Dinosaur Planet Website

Ticket Price Dinosaur Planet Bangkok : 600 THB ( On The Spot ) 297 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

How to get to Dinosaur Planet Bangkok : Dinosaur Park is easy to find alongside Benjasiri Park, just a short walk from Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain Station.

Opening Hours : Monday – Friday ( 10:00 – 20:00 hrs ), Saturday, Sunday, Holiday ( 10:00 – 22:00 hrs )

Dinosaur Planet Bangkok is a theme park dedicated to prehistoric beasts, from the snarling T-rex to packs of Velociraptors. Opening in 2016, the amusement park will be located in the Phrom Phong area of Sukhumvit and will feature up to 200 life size models of popular dinosaurs. This promises to be very popular a place to photograph yourself with these long extinct beasts, and the construction of these models is incredibly impressive.

The dinosaurs are placed in different terrain thought to be their natural habitat many millennia ago, along with a centerpiece volcano. Budding biologists will no doubt find the theme park in downtown Bangkok very informative and educational however this is more for the entertainment and shock factor than anything else. No official open date has been scheduled yet, although it promises to be in sping 2016.

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Siam Niramit Show

Siam Niramit Show

Official Website : Siam Niramit Show Website

Ticket Price Siam Niramit Show Bangkok : 1.500 THB ( On The Spot ) 1.000 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

Show Time : 20:00 daily

Siam Niramit is a world-class performance of Thailand’s arts and cultural heritage. Set in the heart of Bangkok affording convenient access by MRT subway and major thoroughfares, this must-see spectacular is performed on the gigantic stage now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, featuring over 150 performers with as many as 500 costumes. On top of this, enhanced special effects with the world’s most advanced technology are used to produce a stimulating, very realistic and inspiring experience. This is a Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of Thailand that no one can miss.

Guests can enjoy a delicious Thai-Western buffet in one of our restaurants. Below is the content in your website. Dinner at Thai restaurant with individual set menu of Thai cuisine.) Enjoy a fantastic show in the theatre completing with state-of-art technology and multimedia system.

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Calypso Cabaret Show

Calypso Cabaret Show

Ticket Price Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok : 1.200 THB ( On The Spot ) 900 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

How to get to Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok : By Asiatique Shuttle River Boat, Take the Silom Line on the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Thaksin. Exit toward the river and, upon reaching the water, turn left and follow the signage to the Asiatique pier (about 40m). After the 5-minute boat ride, follow the signs to warehouse no. 3

Show Time : 20:15 – 21:30 (The 1st Show) / 21:45 – 23:00 (The 2nd Show)

Calypso Cabaret constantly strip down decorations and costumes to the bare necessities. We minimize choreographic ambitions and create choreographies , which highlight the specific talents and abilities of our actors and actresses. We do not cater to any markets or fashions or trends. The overload and without any doubt the overkill of today’s frenzies of the media world are verifying our concept of reduction.

Daily training of physical stamina , daily rehearsal of the current show and new productions , try to regain daily our motivation not to copy , not to reproduce the traded cliches and stereotypes.

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The ChaoPhraya Cruise - Bangkok

The ChaoPhraya Cruise – Bangkok

Official Website : The ChaoPhraya Cruise Website

Ticket Price The ChaoPhraya Cruise Bangkok : 1.500 THB ( Official Website ) 990 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

How to get to River City Pier Bangkok :

  • By skytrain (BTS) – Take the train to the Saphan Taksin station; walk underneath the station to the Central Pier; take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to the Si Phraya Pier (N3).
  • By subway (MRT) – Take the train to the Hua Lamphong station, then walk 15 minutes along the canal or take a short tuk tuk ride to River City.

Check in time : 18.00 onwards at River City Pier.

Crusing time : 19.00 – 21.00

We present you much variety of entertainments such as Thai Arts and cultural performance . You will be amused with harmonious Thai classical and modern music performed by great singers, including Thai unique performing Arts. Moreover, Chaophraya Cruise has created activities consistent with Thai important festivals for you to enjoy and it is valuable and worth your time.

Chaophraya Cruise is facilitated with convenience and safety equipment. Moreover , there is a souvenir shop for especially chosen products. Chaophraya Cruise provides VIP rooms, dining rooms, conference rooms and world class seminar rooms. We make impression in every important event of yours as we are the amazing cruiser on Chao Phraya River.

Thai food on Chaophraya Cruise is also fabulous, seasoned with high quality ingredients , and we also offered you an international buffet. Besides, there is a cocktail bar for you to enjoy with superb taste beverages among beauty and romance of Chao Phraya River.

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Chao Phraya Princess Cruise - Bangkok

Chao Phraya Princess Cruise – Bangkok

Official Website : Chao Phraya Princess Cruise Website

Ticket Price Chao Phraya Princess Cruise Bangkok : 1.500 THB ( Official Website ) 950 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

Check in time : 19.30 at River City Pier 1, Siphraya (Charoen Krung 30 Rd.).

Crusing time : 19.45 -21.45

Welcome aboard to a two-hour journey on the extravagant Chao Phraya Princess Cruise. Experience a sensation of luxury and romance throughout your dinner night.

Each deck has its unique qualities and design. Your dinner includes a wide selection of dishes ranging from Thai-styled to international foods, appetizers to main dishes to deserts served in a buffet fashion. While enjoying your dinner, our saxophonists and singers will soothe you with soft Pop and Jazz songs in the first hour of your journey. You will have the opportunity to take snapshots of the scenery, famous historical structures and religious monasteries such as the Royal Grand Palace Wat Pra Kaew, Wat Arun (The Temple of the Dawn), Bangkhunprom Palace, Kanlayanamitr Temple and the Rama 8 Bridge along both sides of the river bank. After your dinner, join our talented musicians with an entire hour of upbeat groovy songs for dancing.

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Safari World Bangkok

Safari World Bangkok

Safari World - See Tiger inside a cage

Safari World – See Tiger inside a cage

Official Website : Safari World Website

Ticket Price Safari World Bangkok : 1.500 THB ( On The Spot ) 800 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

Opening Hours : 09:00 –16:30 hrs (Weekday), 09:00 –17:00 hrs (Weekend)

Show Time :

  • Orang Utan show: Weekday 10:20 Weekend 10:20, 15:45
  • Sea Lion show: Weekday 11:00 Weekend 11:00, 16:15
  • Elephant show: Weekday/Weekend 11:40
  • Cowboy stunt show: Weekday 11:40 Weekend 11:40, 16:40
  • Dolphin show: Weekday/Weekend 13:45
  • Spy War: Weekday/Weekend 14:30
  • Bird show: Weekday/Weekend 10:20, 15:40
  • Tiger feeding in the Safari Park Open Zoo: 9:30

Safari World is a zoo for those who don’t like zoos… of course like any animal parks it has some good and some not so good sides but here animals certainly do have huge amount of space to roam free.

Opened since 1988, Safari World is divided in two distinct areas: The open space of Safari Park where you can drive through in your car or in the park bus represents 480 acres for its open zoo and 180 acres for its bird park, then the Marine Park which is more of a traditional zoo mixed with many shows, lots of food stalls and plenty of souvenir shops.

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Dream World Bangkok

Dream World Bangkok

Dream World Bangkok

Dream World Bangkok

Official Website : Dream World Website

Ticket Price Dream World Bangkok : 1.000 THB ( On The Spot ) 700 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

Opening Hours : 10:00 – 17:00 daily, 19:00 on weekends and holidays.

Dream World is the absolute stuff of kids! You won’t get out of here until they are exhausted….and you know how long that takes! This is a big American – style theme park with all the trimmings. Corkscrew, Bumping Cars, Swinging Viking Boat, Rollercoaster – they are all there, and more besides. My personal favourite is the Giant’s House where everything is 50 times as big as it should be – very convincing and it would be an absolutely great place to have a party.

The Super Splash, and White Water Rapids are water rides and please note: You will get wet! Dream World also has a full fledged go-kart track and “Snow Land” – a display of artificial snow (although this attraction is not included in the main ticket fee).

Dream World also features a live “Hollywood Action Show” which up until recently had a dubious display of Nazi Storm Troopers successfully invading an Allied camp. Many people are glad that the current focus has changed to a SWAT team invading a criminal den. This is well worth the trip. If you have kids (and the time) definitely take them.

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Siam Park City

Siam Park City

Siam Park Bangkok

Siam Park Bangkok

Official Website : Siam Park Website

Ticket Price Siam Park City : 1.200 THB ( On The Spot ) 600 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

Opening Hours :

  • Water Park time: 10:00 – 18:00 everyday
  • Amusement Park : 11:00 – 20:00 everyday.

The land of fun and eternal happiness, located in Minburi District, Siam Park City includes a water park featuring a man-made sea with artificial waves and towering water slides, an amusement park containing different kinds of world class rides, and a them park emphasizing education and entertainment. Besides, it has several other attractions like children’s playgrounds and African adventure that cannot be missed.

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Kidzania Bangkok

Kidzania Bangkok

Kidzania Bangkok

Kidzania Bangkok

Official Website : Kidzania Bangkok Website

Ticket Price Kidzania Bangkok ( Weekend ) :

How to get to Kidzania Bangkok : Top floor of Siam Paragon

Opening Hours : Weekdays 10:00 – 17:00  /  Weekend and Holidays 10:30 – 20:30

Kidzania is the very latest and, without a doubt, most innovative addition to the ‘edutainment’ scene in Bangkok. This is unlike anything we have seen before and the level of fun has been raised to a brand new level. Kidzania, originally a Mexican company, has been opening family entertainment centers since 1999 in Santa Fe, then in 11 additional locations around the world; Bangkok being the latest one.

At first this appears to be another cute mini-town with pretty European style houses below painted skies – which it is. But beyond the extremely well executed craftsmanship, a much deeper level of education is brought to the kids.

We then head out on a peaceful ride though the orchards and fields of the countryside abndant with vegetables and sesonal fruits, sampling at roadside stalls along the way, as we encounter plenty of friendly local people.

Each and every one of the shops and buildings in Kidzania town is a learning experience for children from four to 15 years old. Not just some boring ‘show-how’: here kids get to be part of the shops. It’s extremely well executed and kids love it! The range of experiences is also unique as there are up to 80 different jobs to choose from, everything from being a real dentist to flying a Boeing 737 Fight a hotel fire with real water and ride a tiny fire truck to reach the scene. Rescue people with a small ambulance and bring them to a mini hospital where you get to use almost real equipment. Everything is very realistic, just smaller. Then move to the newspaper office and report to a real newsroom or a TV studio… if only real life jobs would look as fun

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Cookin Nanta Show Bangkok

Cookin Nanta Show Bangkok

Official Website : Kidzania Bangkok Website

Ticket Price Cookin Nanta Show Bangkok ( Royal Seat ) : 1.300 THB ( On The Spot ) 700 THB ( Online via Hotels2Thailand – CLICK HERE )

How to get to Cookin Nanta Show Bangkok :

  • RCA Plaza is a shopping mall at RCA (Royal City Avenue), Rama 9 road, Petchaburi, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Public transport: Both Petchaburi MRT Station and Rama 9 MRT Station are 10 minutes taxi or motorcycle ride away.

Show Times : Sunday – Friday at 20:00 hrs. and Saturday at 17:00 hrs and 20:00 hrs. / Duration 75 minutes (close every first Monday of the month).

Enjoy a feast of comic mishaps during a performance of the hit show Nanta, popular in Korea for almost two decades. This comedy of errors shows four cooks under pressure to concoct a wedding feast in too little time. By drumming with kitchen implements such as cutting boards and knives, the performers create a modern twist on traditional Korean percussion music known as ‘samul nori.’ In addition to the hilarious 90-minute show.

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If you plan to travel to Pattaya with your family and need some attraction place information in Pattaya with Family and Kids and of course discount price information, please visit this link below :

Top 20 Pattaya Attractions for Family with Discount Price

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